Zhenyu Wang – “Training for Partnership” leads to lasting contacts in the cleaning industry

High-rise buildings characterise modern cities in aspiring Asia. In China, this has led to the emergence of the new and rapidly growing sector of facility management – the running and upkeep of such buildings. One of the first to provide this service was Zhenyu Wang’s Beijing company, Sincere Building Services.

Wang was offered the opportunity to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme when he tried to add further value to his services by improving technical standards. Wang’s confidence in German technology and products was confirmed during his four-week stay in Germany in the summer of 2009.

During the programme, he visited companies in Winnenden and Dresden, among others. He also met with several branch experts in Dresden. Impressed by the advanced German systems and products, and modern company management, Wang saw how he could develop his own company – or even the entire branch – in China.

Shortly after completing his four weeks of training, Wang returned to Germany to attend an international exhibition in Berlin. On his invitation, representatives from the Dresden building cleaning services participated in the inaugural conference of the Chinese national high-rise cleaning association in Beijing in December 2009. At the event, the German experts explained the innovations in the German cleaning industry to managers from the Chinese cleaning industry. This meeting attracted a great deal of interest among the Chinese experts wishing to establish partnerships with German companies, and to participate in advanced training in Germany.

Name: Zhenyu Wang
Company: Beijing Sincere Building Services Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
Sector: Building cleaning
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 4 July – 1 August, 2009
Training centre: Baden-Württemberg International, Stuttgart