Working as a Self-Employed Business Consultant

Anh Nguy was 27 when she participated in the Manager Training Programme (MP). The MBA graduate was working as a project manager at a German business consultancy based in Ho Chi Minh City, a metropolis with eight million inhabitants situated in the south of Vietnam. She established her own business in her early 30s. The MP helped her to make this jump, Anh Nguy says today.

Ho Chi Minh City. With her company Sanet Vietnam Ltd., Co., Anh Nguy represents her clients within the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). She thus enables access to an internal market of ten countries with an increasingly consumption-oriented population of 620 million. The entrepreneur works well with German business partners; indeed, 80 per cent of her clients are actually from Germany. “While this is partly due to the fact that I have spent almost five years working with Germans, the MP also had a major impact”, she says. She particularly highlighted the intercultural business expertise training. “I was able to participate in training – among others, in Berlin, Dresden and Stuttgart. This really helped me to gain an understanding of German culture and business behaviour,” the entrepreneur explains. She also learned a great deal about project management. Her company is part of the German Sanet Group, though she mostly operates independently. “I use the name and good contacts, but am responsible for my own business activities,” says Anh Nguy. Liability, capital, orders – she remains responsible for them all.

The MP participant now employs three people and was able to generate 150,000 euros in her first year of offering business consultancy services. She recently took advantage of her business experience gained with German partners to support Siemens, identifying reliable business partners for the global German player, in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. She has also supported other German clients from the cosmetics, automotive and chemical industries in their business activities, and worked with partners in Turkey and France.

Currently, her largest client is a German investor from the automotive industry who wishes to set up a production facility in Vietnam. If all goes to plan, he will soon join around 300 other German companies which are already active in Vietnam. The mood among the German companies is positive. According to a survey conducted by AHK Vietnam in March 2016, two thirds of the companies surveyed rated the business climate as good. Anh Nguy believes that particularly German foreign direct investments (FDI) in the high-tech, automotive and renewable energies sectors have very good chances of success in the coming years.

The young entrepreneur values the exchange with other MP graduates and regularly participates in alumni events. “I attended my first event back in 2011. My superior at the time was invited to an MP alumni conference in Tuy Hòa, here in Vietnam. I accompanied her and was very impressed with the outcomes,” says Anh Nguy. One year later, she participated in the programme herself. And in the following year, she was able to pass on her own experiences as a multiplier – as a speaker at an MP alumni conference.

In her free time, the committed company founder, who speaks fluent English as well as some Chinese and Japanese, also learned German. Meaning that business exchanges and networking will be even more of a success in the future.