When the Customer is King

It is no secret that logistics has been gaining in importance since the late 20th century. It has grown to become the third largest industry in Germany. That is just one more reason for the MP participants from Egypt to pay a visit to the family-operated business Eberl Internationale Spedition. The company was founded in 1966 by Jörn Eberl and has been managed by his son Thomas Eberl since 1997. It employs about 140 staff at its headquarters in Aiging.

It became clear during the tour of the plant how strong the development of the company has been in recent years, and this is reflected in the Eberl logistics centre and in the construction of the new hall 6. The tour focused on transport organisation and the customs and trade regulations for commercial goods. In addition to providing the transport of goods via land, air and sea, Eberl is the only customs broker and customs declarer in the customs office district of Traunstein.

The Egyptian participants were especially impressed by the level of commitment with which the German company attempts to satisfy all customer requests. By complying with customer preferences, the company was able to start offering additional products and services, develop and grow. For example, the logisticians not only take care of customs formalities for h customers, but they also offer a packaging service and final product processing as well. In final product processing, Eberl provides their customers with a fully equipped metal processing operation which can produce components to specifications and then pass them through quality control prior to dispatch. ´The managers were impressed by the product processing of smoking booths in particular, which they were able to test then and there. Eberl manages the global supply chains for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smoking booths – from purchasing and production right down to the end customer. An innovative IT system ensures seamless workflows.

The Egyptian MP participants were also able to observe how the company uses new trends for its sales market. In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised, B2C and B2B transactions are now more frequently handled using e-commerce. In Germany alone, e-commerce revenues amounted to about € 24 bn in 2015. Since the early 2000s, Eberl has offered their customers “one-stop e-commerce”. E-traders can now store and ship their goods, and also get support in planning and technically implementing their online shop, processing orders, managing returns and running a customer hotline.

The real-life adjustment to customer preferences and the resulting know-how that was obtained and led to development, growth and finally the success of the company made a major impression on the visiting managers and gave them food for thought. And for Eberl it is always rewarding to welcome managers form other countries to their company. “With each new visiting delegation we gain new insights into other cultures and can share experiences. We enjoy living our slogan ‘Welcome to the World of Logistics’,” confirmed Tobias Ramstötter, head of sales at Eberl.

By Bianca Lörenz
IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Westerham