What will marketing of the future look like?

Central Asian executives were filled in on the latest advertising and marketing trends during their visit to the New Communication agency in Kiel. Among other things, they learned what 360-degree communication means, and how new technologies can boost sales.

Agency manager Sören Mohr and his team greeted specialists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan with two questions, first off: What is the next big thing in marketing? What will advertising be like in the future? This was followed by a lively exchange on communication techniques, media genres and marketing strategies. Sören Mohr and Art Director Marcus Braasch then answered the numerous questions raised by MP participants. They were interested in design trends and new retail, along with methods for retaining customer loyalty. Product manager Azia Khudayberdieva from Uzbekistan wanted to know exactly who the targets of sales promotion measures were. “Direct customers, middlemen or sales staff,” explained Braasch. “Sales promotion offers incentives to turn interested customers into buyers,” the communications expert added. Anna Efimova and Borul Kudaybergenova mentioned artificial intelligence – which are the marketing areas we will be seeing it used, and how innovations will change our lives.

Another topic that was brought up was the planning of advertising campaigns. These allow messages to be conveyed to the target groups through different media channels: in print, online, through audio-visual channels. The proper choice of media always depends on the audience, the product being sold, the market environment and the core creative message. “Cross-media campaigns are most effective if they are coordinated in terms of their content, design and timing,” says Mohr. The subject of consumer reviews triggered a heated debate. Ordinary people evaluate services and products on the Internet, criticising or recommending them. It is often these very reviews that shape a company’s reputation, for the positive or negative. So businesses should pay close attention to consumer voices on the web.

“We work our insider knowledge and intuitive skills to develop new technologies and methods and find new target groups before they become mainstream”, explained Mohr, with regard to the approach used at New Communication GmbH. His is a full-service agency, covering all types of advertising with eight areas of activity. These include corporate communications, HR marketing, campaigns and sales promotion, retail marketing, customer loyalty, reputation management and investor relations. “So we can cover a number of client marketing needs in one fell swoop. We call this 360° communication,” stated Mohr.

Bursting with information, impressions and innovative ideas, the participants concluded their company visit at a group lunch with agency staff.

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