“We are on the right track”

The first Virtual Manager Training Programme (MP) courses were completed in October. For the first time, all the onsite visits, seminars and B2B meetings took place online. Numerous new contracts and the initiation of business undertakings are evidence of the fact that this new format has proven itself to work. At the beginning of August, the first groups started the Virtual MP, which prepares managers from middle and upper management levels for doing business with the German economy. Some 600 entrepreneurs from the MP partner countries have since taken part, the majority of them with great success.

"Many German SMEs from my sector, the energy sector, want to invest in Chile. I have contacted ten enterprises and I am now looking forward to working together with them and signing contracts," says MP participant Claudia Puentes. The experience also proved worthwhile for Sardor Uktambaev: "My intention was to improve my management skills and establish partnerships with manufacturers of thermal insulation materials. Now, after six weeks, I have achieved exactly that. I have been able to establish valuable connections with businesses in Germany," explains the manager from Uzbekistan. Furthermore, any initial doubts the participants had could be overcome over the course of the Virtual training modules. Natalya Voyevoda from Kazakhstan states: "I was a bit sceptical about online training and thought that in such a format it would not be possible to meet all our needs. But the trainers are extremely dedicated, and our horizons have been expanded enormously thanks to the Programme."

Under the well-known motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany", the participants go through an eight-week Virtual Programme that familiarises them with German corporate culture and prepares them for business initiation with German enterprises. This is achieved through interactive training sessions and video meetings with German entrepreneurs. Additionally, a one-week visit to Germany is planned for 2021, during which participants will have the opportunity to meet German entrepreneurs in person, attend trade fairs and exchange ideas with other Programme participants. This Virtual format was developed after the previous Programme activities were initially halted in March 2020 due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Programme
Reimut Düring

Head of the Manager Training Programme, Reimut Düring, sees the switch to the online format as a good solution: "The first groups of the Virtual Manager Training Programme have now completed their training. The positive feedback from the participants confirms that we are on the right track. There are already some initial economic results with German businesses. This shows us that the Programme also works in the Virtual format," he concluded. "We are well prepared and, together with the German training centres, are looking forward to welcoming many more participants," says Düring.

Further information on the Virtual Manager Training Programme is available here.


Impressions from the Virtual Manager Training Programme: