Vitalij Derkaci – Modern air conditioning units for Moldova

Doing business with Germany is nothing new for Vitalij Derkaci. His company, Sanara-prim GmbH, has been a German heating installer’s service partner in the Republic of Moldova for five years now. Derkaci’s participation in the BMWi Manager Training Programme in the summer of 2009 was therefore not his first visit to Germany, but it was definitely his most successful.

The talented manager arranged several meetings with suppliers from the ventilation and heating sector in advance of his trip, and therefore made visits to companies in Luckenau, Werl and Gunzenhausen. These led to a long-term partnership with a boiler system manufacturer. The skills acquired during the training programme also helped Vitalij Derkaci successfully conclude long-running negotiations with a manufacturer and supplier of heating systems. Sanara-prim has consequently been marketing those heating systems in Moldova since January 2010.

Derkaci also had high personal expectations of his training in Germany: “The experience and expertise required of management staff increase as the market economy develops, so ongoing training is an absolutely must.”

He was not disappointed by the scheme, in which he learned a great deal about financial and quality management, knowledge he was able to implement immediately on his return. Derkaci’s colleagues now assign him with greater responsibility, and he is introducing a new reporting and control system in the sales department.

Company visits organised by the training centre served as examples of best practices. Derkaci is particularly fascinated by the organisation and optimisation of production processes, and by the use of innovative and energy-saving technologies.

The successful entrepreneur has the following advice for future participants: “Formulate the aims of your training as clearly as possible before your trip, as the organisers arrange the programme especially according to participants’ requests.”

Name: Vitalij Derkaci
Company: Sanara-prim SRL, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova
Sector: Water supply, heating systems and air conditioning
Position: Managing Director and co-owner
Training in Germany: 7 June – 4 July 2009
Training centre: COGNOS International, Hamburg