Videoclip Promotes Virtual Programme

A new, short video presents the Virtual Manager Training Programme in a concise format. It provides information about the digital Programme’s content and how it is structured. The clip, which shows participants along with German entrepreneurs, tutors, and trainers, is intended to promote the Programme in its partner countries.

“Using this video, we want to present, in a concise manner, what the Programme is all about and the benefits it offers. For foreign entrepreneurs, participation can be the key to getting started on the market in Germany or even in the EU,” explains Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Programme. “Our message is: German enterprises are looking for business partners and are excited about getting in touch with managers from all over the world through the Programme. We therefore cordially invite you to do so,” says Düring.

In the almost three-minute long videoclip, those featured describe the opportunities and possibilities which open up as a result of participating in the Programme. Additionally, the Programme’s structure and the contents of the training are described: In addition to conveying management skills, insights into German corporate culture and meetings with German managers are also included. Thomas Starke, a longstanding trainer from the Manager Training Programme, emphasises in the video that participants can put what they have learned directly into practice thanks to their exchanges with German firms. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” one participant states, summing up the Programme.

The video will be made available to the 21 partners for the purpose of promoting the Programme in their respective countries. It is also available on the Programme’s website and on Facebook.

The Manager Training Programme prepares managers from middle and upper management for business activities with the German economy. Due to the Corona pandemic, the Programme has been running in a digital format since August 2020. On-site visits to enterprises, seminars and B2B meetings are all being held completely online. More than 600 managers from the MP's partner countries have now participated in the virtual Programme. The initiation of numerous business activities, the conclusion of contracts as well as the feedback from the participants all prove the success of this format. GIZ runs the Programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Click here for the video.