Valeriya Sudilovskaya – Energy projects for German-Belarusian economic relations

That Valeriya Sudilovskaya loves her job becomes self-evident when she holds forth on the development of bio energy and the use of biogas. Sudilovskaja works at Effektiven Energiewirtschaft GmbH, a scientific-industrial centre for commercial energy and automation based at the Belarusian state university in Minsk.

The Belarusian expert travelled to Germany with high expectations. Her aim was to make contact with Germany companies active in the energy sector, to organise sales in Belarus for German energy suppliers, or to represent them herself. Moreover, she was looking for business partners for joint projects in the energy sector.

During her stay in Germany, Sudilovskaja held talks with several interested German companies including an Augsburg-based diesel engine manufacturer, a federal association of energy service companies, and the Biogas Conference and Exhibition.

These meetings led to preliminary negotiations with German suppliers regarding various projects in Belarus. The negotiations themselves ranged from standard exchanges of information and consultations to pre-contracts.

The promising nature of meetings with German business partners can be attributed in part to the BMWi Manager Training Programme in which Sudilovskaja participated in Germany. She attended various courses in which she learned about German business culture and participated in simulated negotiation scenarios, which she was subsequently able to implement in practice.

She now knows how to establish contact with German companies and how to conduct high-level co-operation negotiations. The Belarusian manager advises future participants: “Never miss the opportunities that are made available to you.”

Name: Valeriya Sudilovskaya
Company: Effektive Energiewirtschaft GmbH, Minsk, Belarus
Sector: Energy
Position: Co-founder, manager
Training in Germany: 2 June – 1 July 2009
Training centre: Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel