Trust, Pride and Team Spirit

What characterises an employee-oriented organisation? At the end of September, MP participants from the mining and extractive sector visited the “Best Employer 2012” to gain insight into the goals of noventum con-sulting from Munster. The internationally active, medium-sized IT consult-ing firm considers its employees to be its most important resource.

When it comes to resources, the 19 visitors to the Manager Training Pro-gramme for the Mining and Extractive Sector think immediately of mineral re-sources, and their use and processing. This time four representatives from Mongolia, five from Ukraine, eight from India and two from Vietnam met with information technology specialists as part of their visit to Germany. Uwe Roter-mund, a managing partner at noventum consulting, demonstrated how a firm could develop an exceptional corporate culture step by step and thus achieve success: “Attracting good employees is a challenge. Keeping very good em-ployees is not any less difficult. We are passionate about both. After all, as cor-porate consultants the know-how and personality of our employees is our cen-tral capital.” Contact to other branches also opens the IT experts’ eyes to their own resources. Managing Director Uwe Rotermund see this as profitable: “We have had the opportunity to welcome other delegations and enjoy the chance to exchange and develop new ideas.”

The guests quickly identified noventum’s expertise and strengths. The company has a very low employee turnover rate. Trust, pride and team spirit are the keys to success. In keeping with the old saying, “trust, but verify”, noventum employees share in the company’s success. Working hours are based on the honour system, which creates a culture of trust. In 2012, noventum consulting’s staff, many of whom have been with the company for many years, nominated the company for the third time in a row as the best employer in Germany in the renowned Kölner Great Place to Work® Institute’s corporate rankings based on anonymous questionnaires. The aspects evaluated were: respect, authenticity, fairness, pride and teamwork.

“We were really impressed to see how this corporate culture is implemented here”, reported one MP participant. Some plan to implement the new ideas and approaches in their own companies, which can be chalked up as a success for the corporate consultants from Munster. For a year now, they have been official Great Place to Work ® ambassadors: “We don’t just want to represent a corporate culture based on trust; we want to pass it on”, says Managing Director Uwe Rotermund.

By Jörg Kalmbach
Carl Duisberg Centres, Cologne