Thinking in new dimensions

The 5DOBT method is one way to ensure a company makes the best possible business decisions. At an online seminar in March, MP alumni from Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine learned about this methodology and received valuable impulses for their own work.

The acronym 5DOBT stands for the five dimensions of business thinking and is an approach to visualise the realisable potential of ideas and projects. The five dimensions comprise increasing sales, improving efficiency, reducing direct costs, minimizing risks and increasing innovation levels. The method was developed by the German MARKTGUT management consultancy. Company founder and CEO John Benad and business consultant Lennart Giron introduced the method in a virtual training session for Manager Training Programme alumni, then answered participants’ questions. The Eastern European managers were particularly interested in learning how the method can help make sales pitches more effective.

Valentyna Khmylievska

Valentyna Khmylievska shared her success story using the 5DOBT method in a presentation on cloud technology options for data processing tools. "By simplifying our presentation and grouping all the benefits of the technologies on one slide, we increased our business partners’ confidence in the use of cloud technologies. Now we use 5DOBT in every meeting and sincerely believe it will make our change implementation projects more successful. I am grateful for this new impulse” Khmylievska said.

5DOBT works for any size company and any branch of industry. The method is special because it provides a framework that can be individually adapted for a company and its workflows. Sergei Usovich from Belarus was also convinced the new method held promise: "I found the seminar useful. It reminded me that we should be using more rational, quantitative methods in decision making. It definitely shifted my mindset in the right direction."

Advanced courses that expand on the two March modules are in planning and will be held in Chisinau and Minsk as soon as pandemic travel conditions permit.

For more information, please visit the MARKTGUT GmbH website.