„The results are impressive“

The latest issue of the magazine “Journal” focuses on the 20th anniversary of the Manager Training Program (MP). It reports on the milestones and beginnings of the program, as well as how it has evolved over two decades.

In the magazine, alumni, partners and entrepreneurs will speak and describe what the MP means to them personally. As usual, the magazine also reports on news from the program, topics and events from further education in Germany as well as important MP events in the partner countries and activities of the MP alumni. Success stories of individual participants as well as information on management topics can be found in this issue as well.

“With more than 13,000 participants from 19 partner countries, the balance after two decades of Fit for Partnership with Germany is quite impressive. Positive feedback and high demand from all over the world has always been an incentive for us”, says Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Program at GIZ. “We would also like to use the anniversary edition as an opportunity to heartily thank all participants, alumni, partners and participating companies”, Düring continued.

Journal is available athttps://managerprogramm.de/en/publications/journals/