The 2014 Indo-German Investment Summit

The third instalment of the Indo-German Investment Summit was held in Berlin on November 12, 2014. Political decision makers, experts in international trade and law, and investors met to exchange ideas about current regulations, possible projects and new economic developments in India and Germany. The primary focus was the continued intensification of economic relations between the two countries – a theme that also shapes the COGNOS International Manager Training Programme for Indian executives. The event was therefore an ideal opportunity for MTP participants, who stayed in Germany for the whole of November, to network with both German and Indian counterparts and learn about the latest developments related to economic cooperation.

The summit also examined ways for German companies to get a start in the Delhi-Mumbai region. The creation of a new climate for investment and the newly elected Indian government’s economic strategy were also on the agenda. This involved more specific topics such as sustainable development and environmental technologies, intellectual property, executive training and infrastructure development. Many high-ranking Indian representatives from the corresponding ministries and other state institutions also attended the conference. Two economics delegations arrived at the Indian Embassy in Berlin for discussions and to help initiate new business. One of the delegations was headed by Sidharta Birla, the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), which featured exclusively CEOs from major Indian companies.

MTP participants from India also used this opportunity to talk with some of the more prominent guests personally. The entire group felt that that being able to meet political decision makers and top-ranking company representatives at the conference was one of the event’s major advantages. There was also great interest in the lecture series. Besides the intriguing content of the programme, the executives were especially excited about one thing in particular: the appreciation demonstrated for Indian businesses – that made a lasting impression.

By Timo Tekhaus
COGNOS International, Hamburg