Success in Bremen

Determined and committed – this is how the young executives from Bremen found the MP participants from Moldova and Belarus, who came to Bremen’s time-honoured chamber of commerce for a networking event in June 2015. Initially, the managers from Eastern Europe were a little reserved and in awe of the Hanseatic elegance of the young entrepreneurs from Bremen. Slowly but surely, however, the participants became better acquainted and interesting conversations soon developed as common ground was established. The junior executives from Bremen were impressed by the young managers, who have resolved to take the future into their own hands and to help shape it. They learned a great deal about the two countries, which are rarely the focus of interest otherwise. They were amazed to hear that Moldova offers one of the fastest internet connections in the world, and the most powerful dumper trucks in the world are made in Belarus. When the female members of the delegation proudly presented their clothing lines in a short fashion show, the ice was broken once and for all. Fashion for luxury markets is just one of the outstanding high-quality outsourcing service offers in which representatives from both countries are successful. Further areas include programming Java for company software, producing advertising catalogues, and manufacturing cable connections for the automotive industry.

Alexandru Rusu has built up a successful advertising agency in Chișinău, for example. Among others, he already produces a high-quality advertising catalogue for a German company. He now wishes to go one step further and become the cooperation partner for an international advertising agency. He established contact with a number of German medium-sized advertising agencies with a concrete interest in joint pilot projects. He was also able to catch the interest of a major international advertising agency that has now asked him to prepare several business plans for potential cooperation scenarios.

Nicolai Russu is the deputy managing director of SRL “Express Taxi”, a company offering transport services and car roadworthiness tests. He came to Germany to seek out new markets, and primarily focused on establishing business contacts to purchase products such as motor oil and tyres. He successfully made contact with countless German companies, and negotiations are already at an advanced stage.

Mariana Badia, the purchasing manager at the Moldovan fashion label Artizana that offers top-quality clothing for the local and EU markets, was also successful. Her aim was to find new suppliers for textile products and accessories such as buttons and embellishments. She held talks with a number of German companies and arranged for them to send her samples.

By Martin Uhl
Machwürth Team International, Visselhövede