Strong interest in business cooperation

Olesya Deryabina visited the Bildungszentrum am Müggelsee GmbH in June 2015 as part of the Manager Training Programme with Russia. Deryabina is Managing Director of the company AS-Stroim based in the town of Anzhero-Sudzhensk in Kemerovo Oblast. The company sells and installs stretch ceiling films, among other products. Customers include both private individuals and public sector clients. Blinds and furniture such as tables and chairs count among the company’s other products. Sales currently take place in the Kemerovo region but are to also be expanded to the Novosibirsk region in future. To date, AS-Stroim has mainly purchased the films from China. However, the company now wishes to expand its range with European products to be able to offer its customers greater variety.

Deryabina came to Germany with the aim of making contact with German stretch ceiling film producers to import their products directly. She identified PONGS Technical Textiles GmbH based in Saxony as a potential partner. The company is the world leader for display window and decorative textiles. Deryabina familiarised herself with the company’s product lines during her visit. She was particularly interested in the textile stretch ceilings as well as interior textiles, which AS-Stroim does not offer to date. The German company expressed a strong interest in establishing direct business relations with AS-Stroim. The possibility of becoming an official distributor for PONGS was also discussed. Deryabina was informed of the delivery and payment conditions, and provided with the current price lists and other necessary contact information. She will now review the sample materials and price lists provided, and contact the Saxon company to arrange the cooperation. PONGS requires the Russian company to complete training to become a certified publisher/retailer. The responsible personnel must be familiarised with the DESCOR textile stretch ceiling system – and the German company is prepared to organise this training for the Russian AS-Stroim employees. The Saxon company is very interested in a long-term cooperation. Katrin Gonzales, Sales Representative at PONGS GmbH, confirmed this in her letter to Deryabina: “It would be our pleasure to enter into successful business relations with AS-Stroim. We look forward to hearing from you soon.”

By Hans-Ulrich Nitzsche
Bildungszentrum am Müggelsee GmbH, Berlin