Strengthening German-Egyptian Business Relations

Around 50 co-operations are planned or have already been agreed – this is what the 19 Egyptian managers, who completed further training in March 2016, have achieved so far. The economic value of these contacts is estimated at a total of 20 million euros, whereby most of this sum consists of goods exports from Germany to Egypt.

Mannheim/Berlin. Whether active in industry or the pharmaceutical, IT, textiles or services sector, the managers from Egypt used their time in Germany extremely efficiently. During the two weeks spent in Mannheim and Berlin respectively, they attended more than 70 individual appointments – and experienced a number of unexpected encounters and turn of events in the process. Take for example Mohamed Masoud, whose German counterpart was initially adamant they were not at all interested in a meeting.

Masoud is the managing director of El Masaied Clothing Co., a textiles production enterprise established in 1998. The company supplies major US American clothing companies and discount stores. Besides exchanging information, the Egyptian participant originally wanted to also acquire orders from German clothing companies during the MP. His tutor at AHP International’s further training centre in Mannheim therefore approached TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e.K., a significant player in the German clothing industry. However, the company’s owner, Wolfgang Grupp, was not prepared to meet with Masoud.

The German textiles industry is already threatened by cheap foreign producers, he said in explanation of his refusal. An attempt was subsequently made to convince Grupp of one of the key purposes of the MP: to further not only foreign but also German businesses. Thus two further discussions took place in accordance with the motto of “What other opportunities exist for Masoud to cooperate with TRIGEMA?” The answer was clear: for him to sell German TRIGEMA products on the Egyptian market.

The Egyptian textiles producer subsequently altered his cooperation aim – and then there was no longer anything stopping a meeting with Grupp. Masoud became acquainted with a state-of-the-art German textiles production company during the meeting. What’s more, he was even accorded a very special honour: Grupp invited the Egyptian MP participant to lunch with his family at his private home. Together they considered which products Masoud could sell in Egypt. The managing director is now working on a sales strategy for TRIGEMA in Egypt, and actively supporting the preservation of German textiles production in the process.