Steering Committees: Green Topics in Focus

Two steering committee meetings on the further development of the Manager Training Programme were held in Berlin in October, one between Germany and India and the other between Germany and Egypt. The meetings centred around a stronger concentration on current topics in the already successful bilateral cooperation.

At the 3rd German-Egyptian Steering Committee, the course was set for the future

Egyptian and German government representatives and partners of the Manager Training Programme met from 18-22 October 2022. The prospects for the future development of the MP and the participating enterprises were at the forefront of the 3rd German-Egyptian Steering Committee Meeting, which was chaired by Dr Dorothea Schütz, Deputy Director-General at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and Dr Amr Hazzaa, Minister for Trade and Industry of Egypt. In the coming years, support for Egyptian companies is to be increasingly in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, digitalisation and the circular economy.

The thematic orientation of the Programme was a focus of the 3rd Indo-German Steering Committee

A steering committee meeting between Germany and India already took place at the beginning of October, chaired by Dr Andreas Nicolin, Deputy Director-General at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and Dr Rajendra Ratnoo, Secretary-General at the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Both sides agreed that the Manager Training Programme is an important element of the partnership between Germany and India and promotes trade and the exchange of economic know-how. In the coming years, groups are to be increasingly based on current trends such as green technology and digital transformation, thus incorporating the needs of both economies.

Visit to the Technology Park Adlershof in Berlin

The two delegations visited the EUREF Campus – a real-life laboratory for the shift to renewable energy – and took a look into the future. At the European Energy Forum, almost all stakeholders involved in energy, mobility and sustainability – companies, research institutes and start-ups – are represented. The innovative community comprising more than 150 firms and institutes follows the idea of a climate-neutral, resource-conserving and intelligent city of tomorrow. The EUREF Campus has already met the German Federal Government’s CO2 targets for many years now. An inspiring place that shows that the transition to renewable energy is achievable and affordable.

Impressions of the Steering Committees