Steam boilers for Africa

Aymen Dimassi is the Managing Director of a small company that produces steam boilers and also offers complementary products for boiler plants. In the food industry, the boilers are used to sterilise milk or brew beer, for example. Steam boilers also have their applications in the automotive industry and agriculture.

Ksar Hellal. Aymen Dimassi founded his company, Industrial Automatic and Mechanic Systems (IMAS), back in 2008. The engineer completed a series of technical training courses to specialise in the field of automation technology. With the help of the Manager Training Programme, he is now also developing his management and marketing skills. Together with 19 other participants, the company manager came to Germany in early summer 2014 with the Tunisian pilot group. The quality of personnel management left a lasting impression: “The qualification of employees, degree of organisation, and identification impressed me. In Tunisia, this is rare – not least because of the different economic situation. Unfortunately we cannot afford to invest in human resources at the moment. But this is absolutely crucial. We must work on this.” says the engineer. In a first step, he organised safety training for his ten employees: “After the programme, I took the time to identify shortcomings within my company. Enhancing work safety formed part of this.” Further aspects that he wishes to improve include work productivity and efficiency.

The stay in Germany was a great success for Dimassi. The computer scientist sought a manufacturer of larger steam boilers not only wishing to market these in North Africa but was also interested in joint production and a joint venture in Tunisia in the medium term. VKK Standardkessel Köthen GmbH proved the perfect match. The two companies are currently discussing a further cooperation. IMAS is to first assume representation of the company; the first customer queries about the new boilers have already been received.

Besides VKK Standardkessel, Dimassi also met with Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG based in Urbach in southern Germany. Dungs manufactures the combustion control technology that IMAS needs during the installation of steam boilers. A sales partnership in addition to an after-sales agreement were discussed; the according documents are now being prepared. Dungs’ export manager will soon visit Tunisia to convince himself of the qualifications of the ten IMAS employees.

Dimassi is also one step further with GEA Ecoflex GmbH based in Sarstedt, which was seeking a partner in Africa for the sale and installation of heat exchangers. An agreement has already been signed with the Lower Saxony company and representation in Tunisia assumed. After-sales services and a joint venture are also to be set up to manufacture parts for the heat exchangers in Tunisia. To ensure everything runs smoothly, both companies have sent their engineers to visit their counterparts. After GEA employees were in Tunisia, IMAS employees have now visited Sarstedt for technical training. The first joint project is already under way: IMAS is supporting GEA in a state project for the production of electricity in Tunisia, and is responsible for installing the parts for GEA. “To date, I have had partners in Spain, Italy and France. The MP has allowed me to also expand my business to Germany and to make my company fit for the future,” Dimassi concludes.