“SMEs can profit from Artificial Intelligence”

The current issue of the “Journal” focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). Among other things, the magazine sheds light on the fields of application for AI in SMEs and describes how Germany intends to develop its economic potential with regards to AI.

“The topic of artificial intelligence is of increasing interest to participants from our partner countries. Its application is becoming increasingly important for enterprises in order to be able to keep up with international economic competition. In doing so, SMEs can profit enormously from AI if they use it appropriately”, says Reimut Düring, Programme Manager for the Manager Training Program at GIZ.
The latest issue reports on what measures the German Federal Government is taking to promote the use of artificial intelligence and examines how knowledge-transfer regarding AI solutions can be achieved, especially for SMEs. As usual, the magazine also contains news about the Manager Training Programme and reports on topics and events from the training in Germany as well as on important events in the partner countries and the Alumni’s activities. Individual MP participants’ success stories can also be found in this issue.

The “Journal” is published by the BMWi’s Manager Training Programme. It is published twice a year.

Journal 14 (PDF)
Journal 14 (Flipping-Page)