Shukhrat Aliev – Top-quality leather goods according to ISO 9001 standards through a German-Uzbek co-operation

Shukhrat Aliev is responsible for production and retail at the trade association of the Uzbek shoe and leather goods industry, Oz’bekcharmpoyabzali. Over 120 companies belonging to the association manufacture leather, artificial leather and leather goods for shoes, sports articles and clothing.

The companies require different chemicals such as polyurethane and tannins in the manufacture and finishing of their products, and potential suppliers of these synthetic materials can be found in Germany.

During his one-month management training in Germany, Aliev made contact with a major chemical company, and in a personal meeting agreed to regularly purchase their high-quality polyurethane components. In 2009, a further agreement for the supply of tannins was concluded with another company. These deals enabled Uzbek companies to enhance the quality of their products and reduce waste, which in turn led to a reduction in costs and greater economic efficiency.

As well as forging new contacts, Aliev’s time in Germany equipped him with clear ideas and plans on how to improve work processes back home.

“I significantly reduced the number of less productive tasks and concentrated on the key ongoing projects requiring my attention questions of relevance for the future,” the manager says.

These changes have already borne fruit. In 2009 orders for finished products increased by 35 per cent, totalling more than seven million euros. This also made it possible to meet the high domestic demand. Under Aliev’s leadership, some 20 outlet stores selling the goods at manufacturer prices have opened in different regions of Uzbekistan.

“We had our production certified according to ISO 9001 and have already exported to Russia, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Today we’re working on achieving a presence on the German market,” the manager says of his successes and aims. His employer also recognised this commitment, and promoted Aliev to head of department.

Name: Shukhrat Aliev
Company: Oz’bekcharmpoyabzali, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sector: Shoe industry
Position: Head of the production and retail department
Training in Germany: 11 October – 11 November, 2008
Training centre: COGNOS International, Hamburg