Sandeep Mani Tripathi – German management style for an Indian company

“We are now better organised, more focused, and better prepared to fulfil our customers’ wishes,” says Sandeep Mani Tripathi of the changes he implemented in his company after participating in the Manager Training Programme. As founder and managing director of the Premium Group, Tripathi seized the opportunity to make use of his new knowledge and introduce management innovations.

The Premium Group consists of two companies, Premium International and PI Forwarding Company India Pvt. Ltd., which operate in the fields of international trade and freight forwarding respectively. Tripathi expected the Manager Training Programme to give him an insight into German business culture and thus easier access to the European, and especially German markets. The Premium Group now works with German freight forwarders, and is planning to expand in the future.

The Manager Training Programme revealed new opportunities to Tripathi and also provided him with an understanding of German management style: “We learned a lot from German SMEs and are now trying to incorporate this knowledge into our organisation.” In particular we have restructured internal processes and clarified responsibilities. Moreover we have defined the responsibilities and timeframe for problem solving, and now take the interests of all company stakeholders into consideration. The introduction of stricter controlling and review of individual employee performance has led to a 30 per cent increase in sales turnover.

Beside the changes in company organisation, Tripathi has also expanded the product range and added a health drink to his international consumer goods portfolio. The customer base has also been expanded in northern and western India.

ISO certification is planned in the future, as is consolidation of the existing business. This will be followed by further diversification into the international trade of consumer and industrial goods, and freight forwarding.

Tripathi is convinced that he has benefited both personally and professionally through the Manager Training Programme: “I plan my day in advance, and at the end of each day, I review my activities. This helps me to achieve more.”

Name: Sandeep Mani Tripathi
Company: Premium Group, New Delhi, India
Sector: Retail and logistics
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 10 October – 8 November, 2009
Training centre: Cognos international, Hamburg