Radik Bashirov – Further training as a resource investigator

Even after six years Radik Bashirov is still convinced of the benefits of his three-month stay in Germany: “Without the BMWi Manager Training Programme in Germany, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

When the engineer and qualified translator decided to participate in the programme, he was still working at Kazanorgsintez AG in the nitrogen, oxygen and dry ice production plant. The company based in the Tartar capital of Kazan is the largest producer of polyethylene in Russia and employs a workforce of 10,000.

The former head of the wastewater treatment department was interested in Germany’s modern procedures for wastewater treatment, and after his training he actively participated in the design of an environmental management system at his production plant.

After overseeing an external environmental management audit, and voicing his concerns about the equipment used in the plant, Bashirov convinced management to opt for a wastewater ultra filtration system. Over the subsequent few years, the company also acquired an air separating system and over a dozen special pumps such as Bashirov had seen in German wastewater treatment plants. The projects involved investments totalling a two-digit million-euro figure.

In spring 2011, Bashirov moved companies to join his former partner, and has been developing business in Tatarstan for a Palatinate-based manufacturer ever since. The company values the long-standing and reliable co-operation with the engineer from Kazanorgsintez. Bashirov is also extremely familiar with the company’s products, and as regional manager, he is responsible for the sale of special pumps in the autonomous Russian republic on the Volga. His former employer is one of his biggest customers, and he has already delivered several pumps to them. In the future, he plans to open a subsidiary of the German company in Kazan, and to expand the sales activities in Tatarstan.

Name: Radik Bashirov
Company: KSB GmbH, Kazan, Russia
Sector: Mechanical engineering
Position: Sales manager
Training in Germany: 27 September, 2005 – 16 December, 2005
Training centre: Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen, Celle