Promoting SMEs Strengthens the Economy

The latest edition of the “Journal” deals with the topic of support for SMEs. The magazine provides an overview of the instruments and measures used for promoting German SMEs.

“The majority of the 15,000 participants in our Programme are working in small and medium sized enterprises in our partner countries. Naturally, they are therefore interested in how SMEs can strengthen their competitiveness and boost exports. How this works in Germany is something we report on in our current edition,” explains Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Programme. Among other things, the latest edition of the “Journal” presents the BMWi’s SME strategy and sheds light on the importance of German SMEs as a social and economic pillar for the country.

As usual, the issue also contains news from the Manager Training Programme (MP) and reports on topics and events related to further education in Germany as well as on important events in the partner countries and the alumni’s activities. Individual MP participants’ success stories can also be found in this issue.

The “Journal” is published by the BMWi’s Manager Training Programme. It is published twice a year.

Journal 15 (PDF)
Journal 15 (Flipping-Page)