Projects with Ukraine

As a result of the difficult geopolitical situation, the Ukrainian hryvnia is continuing to lose its value against the euro and dollar. This, in turn, is restricting the buying power of Ukrainian companies. Major purchases such as textiles machines, brewery equipment or automation technology would only be affordable in six months at the earliest, regretted the Ukrainian training participants. Despite this, smaller projects are carrying on briskly.

Nataliya Vynogradska from the LLC Computer Logic group in Kharkiv returned to Germany for negotiations shortly after her training in Dresden. In Tübingen, the entrepreneur visited the educational institutions she had gotten to know during the MP. Vynogradska wants to offer seminars in cooperation with them as early as spring 2015. She is having her company certified as an educational institution by the ICEF.

German waste management is a science in itself. Vadym Morenets of Profservice Lux LLC in Dnipropetrovsk discovered that it can also be a lucrative business opportunity. He also wants to sign an agreement with CR Solutions International GmbH in Eibelstadt during this half of the year: Morenets delivers valuable waste (“yellow bag” packaging waste) to Germany, where CR Solutions will process it.

Yaroslava Bessarabova from the printing and publishing house CHAYKA in Kharkiyv used his time in Dresden to present several children’s books to the Dresdner publishing house Alwis – the plan is to publish traditional children’s books together. Yet another business idea is multilingual books. The future partners are planning bilingual Russian–German and even Russian–German–English editions.

By Peter Rösler
Konsortium GICON International Training and Business Development, Dresden