Projects in Waste and Water Management

At a German-Russian company meeting for Russian MP participants, the German Association of Machine and Plant Builders (VDMA), Environmental Technology Baden- Württemberg, and the City of Stuttgart talked about the current state of and perspectives on economic-political and technological developments in waste and water management in Germany. The partnership fair that followed in the Haus der Wirtschaft gave experts from a variety of waste and water management fields a chance to sound out potential business fields. After two spontaneous follow-up meetings, a number of very promising partnership opportunities had already crystallised.

Maria Schmeleva, Deputy Division Head for Communal Infrastructure at the Department of Residential and Municipal Management for the City of Tver, was very enthusiastic about technologies from Von Roll BHU Umwelttechnik, which supplies turnkey water and waste water treatment plants. An on-site visit to a Von Roll BHU treatment plant at a water supplier in Neckartailfingen convinced her of their efficiency. The sophisticated automation allows the plant to be operated by limited staff and very energy efficiently. Schmeleva’s division is currently working on a 15-year development plan for the communal infrastructure in Tver. There are a number of areas in this plan where the comprehensive and specialised know-how of German firms visited could be integrated – such as for problems in the drinking water purification process. The proposed solution will be presented to an expert for assessment soon. If Von Roll BHU does win the official bid, it is likely a supplier contract will soon follow.

Svetlana Matusina, who heads a sanitary laboratory at Azot Kemerower oAG, is planning the expansion and modification of one of the company’s water treatment plants in Kemerovo. During implementation she would like to be able to count on the many years of experience of Ökoservice from Denkendorf in the state of Baden-Württemberg, specialists for decentralised waste water treatment. Together with Jürgen Link, Managing Director of Ökoservice, Matusina visited an activated sludge tank with circulating flow on the Stuttgart University campus, where she got a first impression of the technology employed by Ökoservice. Additional cooperation is now in planning.

By Peter Schlosser
Baden-Württemberg International, Stuttgart