Projects in the Building Industry

In economically difficult times, a group of 21 Russian executives successfully completed the MP in Germany. The focus was on economic cooperation between German and Russian SMEs.

Dresden. Several representatives from Russian building companies were looking for German cooperation partners for energy-efficient construction. For this purpose, they identified potential suppliers of modern building materials – for example, the company GLAPOR GmbH, which manufactures insulation materials from recycled glass. Tatjana Vyazovkina from the Russian company Association Delovoy Soyuz was very impressed by the innovative insulation material and saw diverse possibilities for use – for instance in sound and moisture-proofing – for her company’s projects.

Denis Kuznecov from the Russian company Novolipetsk Steel was entrusted with pre-selecting potential German suppliers of foundry technology for his company, which is about to undergo major modernisation. The order situation is good, as are the prospects; thus, investments amounting to millions have already been approved. Kuznecov was to contact pre-identified German suppliers and – with his expertise as Production Manager – already clear the technical details. The German company Förder- und Anlagentechnik GmbH in Niederfischbach made a very good impression with an illustrative demonstration of its plants in operation, and, as a result, a follow-up meeting in Novolipetsk was already arranged with the Russian metallurgy company.

The individual preliminary results of this Russian MP group once again show the significance and the potential of German-Russian relations, particularly in the fields of business and culture.

The Russian guests experienced a great deal of attention and hospitality from German companies and also the public in Dresden. This made it clear that the Manager Training Programme is an excellent instrument for dialogue, even in politically difficult times.

By Roman Bannack
ARGE Konsortium Neue Bundesländer (new federal states consortium), Dresden