Programme structure

Planned structure

The training programme is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023. For this purpose, up to 20 traineeships are being sought in Berlin and Düsseldorf. The training lasts a total of 11 weeks and is divided into the following five phases:

    1. Introductory training unit (1 week) to identify and set out expectations and learning goals.

    2. First placement (job shadowing) phase (4 weeks) with a focus on familiarisation with operations in host companies and simulation of managerial tasks.

    3. Interim training unit (1 week) with self-reflection and adjustment of learning goals, as well as advanced skills training.

    4. Second placement (job shadowing) phase (4 weeks) with a focus on consolidating newly acquired expertise and expanding contacts, taking account of the modified learning goals.

    5. Final training unit (1 week) with systematic reflection and concluding feedback.

The programme will be organised in a family-friendly manner: job shadowing placements will involve a five-day working week with an average of 6.5 hours per day. The contents covered and the exact structure of the placement will be the subject of consultation with the participants and their contact persons within the host company; backup will be provided.