Success stories

From the Sahara to the Elbe

Meriem Ben Dlala loves nature. And she loves her country, which is one of the largest date producers in the world. To her, this sweet desert fruit is the embodiment of Tunisia’s culture, which dates back thousands of years. Ben Dlala works for the date producer Rose de Sable. “I would like to share our culture with the rest of the world”, the biologist says about her motivation to participate in the Manager Training Programme. Continue reading

Strategic Goal Achievement

Few medium-sized enterprises in Tunisia are privately owned industrial businesses. The Soran Group, headed by a committed couple, is one of them. After participating in the MP, co-founder Sonia Louati sharpened her strategy. Now she is in a position to stand up to strong competition in the long term. Continue reading

Growth Thanks to High-Technology

Tunisian family business relies on German technology and know-how

Anouar Yaiche is part owner of Novaprint, the business his father founded when he was ten years old. For the first twenty years, the family business generated an income from printing and expanded into manufacturing packaging in 2016.

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Steam boilers for Africa

Aymen Dimassi is the Managing Director of a small company that produces steam boilers and also offers complementary products for boiler plants. In the food industry, the boilers are used to sterilise milk or brew beer, for example. Steam boilers also have their applications in the automotive industry and agriculture. Continue reading

Organic herbs from Tunisia served in German dining rooms

Leith Tlemcani is a biologist. He studied in France and has lived, researched and worked there. Four years ago the 35-year-old microbiologist returned to Tunisia and founded his own company there, thereby entering a sector that is still just emerging in Tunisia. He produces organic oils, herbs and extracts, primarily for the German market. Demand is so great that production could not keep up, so he has recently upgraded and expanded. Continue reading