Success stories

“Intercultural management is very useful!”

Evgeny Grigoryev is always on the lookout for further education that can advance his career. The manager training programme came at the right time for the deputy chief engineer of a mine owned by the Russian coal company SUEK-Kusbass. In addition to lots of new things about change management and environmental protection, Grigoryev learned quite a bit about intercultural management. The 35-year-old’s personal contact to German companies also is also helping SUEK to clear up the final unresolved issues before closing two deals. Continue reading

From Silicon Valley to Business in Russia

The engineer and business information technology specialist Siegfried Köhler has always worked internationally. The programme “Fit for Business with Russia” helped bring about a major business shift: He moved his software sales business from the US to Russia and founded a start-up that converts golf course pumps for use in shipyards and factories in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Continue reading

An Initial Spark

The Manager Training Programme in Germany decisively changed Michail Bojarkin’s professional life. The Managing Director of Lesnaja Niva, a company that has primarily specialised in animal husbandry and agriculture to date, discovered new business areas and found German partner companies who could offer the right know-how to support his plans. The highlights included a German-Russian joint venture for particle boards, wood pellet production, and tractor technology. Continue reading