Success stories

Private clinic for urology and andrology opens in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries. Half of the approximately three million inhabitants live in rural areas, and the other half live in the capital city of Ulan Bator. The capital city is not only the uncontested economic, cultural and political centre of the country, it is also the centre of the health care system: Many Mongolians have to travel there to get medical services. Continue reading

New Drinks for Mongolia

What do Mongolian mint vodka, lemon beer and wild berry sparkling water have in common? All the flavours used are made by WILD Berlin, Germany’s oldest essence manufacturer. And all these innovative drinks were introduced by Mongolia’s leading beverage enterprise, APU, after employee Gerel Ganchimeg returned from the MP in Germany in 2015. Continue reading

Avirmed Mendbayar – Mongolian brewer uses German technology

Avirmed Mendbayar has been working at APU AG, the leading Mongolian beer and vodka manufacturer, for five years now. Around half of the beer produced in Mongolia comes from his brewery. Ten years ago, the purchasing manager completed his degree in business studies in Berlin. As head of APU’s purchasing department, he therefore looked forward to refreshing his knowledge and skills by participating in the Manager Training Programme. Continue reading