Success stories

All activities with Iran have been suspended since December 2022 due to the situation in the country.

Quality „Made in Iran“

Tools are Mohammad Ramezani’s world. His family has manufactured them in the family-run firm, the Iran Potk Tools Company, for over thirty years. Now the entrepreneur would like to sell his products in Germany and Europe as well.

Despite the current political and economic tensions in Iran, the Manager Training Programme (MP) opened up a path to success: Ramezani founded a company in Germany and is active in the market. He also took a lot of new ideas home from Germany about how to make sure his business is ready to face the future. Continue reading

Digitisation in Industry

In 2015, Amir Mamdouh founded the Sayyal Sazan Azaran Tadbir (Satco) consulting firm in the city of Tabriz to work with clients in the metal industry. The 32-year-old Satco managing director and engineer completed the MP in 2017. While in Germany, he established contact with a Berlin-based firm now involved in digitisation for a Satco customer. Mamdouh also succeeded in bringing another member of his MP group on board to support his firm’s expansion inside Iran. Continue reading