First Business Meetings with German Companies Despite Corona

Speaking for many MP participants from Azerbaijan and Georgia, entrepreneur Zhala Mammadova from Baku summed up her feelings: "I wish I could have participated in the program offline". Still despite the special circumstances of digital training, all 19 participating executives declared "Fit for Partnership with Germany" programme in spring a success. Continue reading

Managing Value Chains During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In order to strengthen a business, it is crucial to find out what the customers really want and operationalise this information. Aligning buyer specifications with operations is a key element when a company wants to improve their business. Alumni of the MP learned this and much more during an online seminar. Continue reading

Georgian Lemonade for the German Market

Export Manager Malkhaz Chakaberia wanted to find out how popular his lemonade “made in Georgia” was in Germany. The sobering result: the soft drink is too sweet for German taste buds. The enlightening result: he can sell it nevertheless because he has found a niche market for it. Continue reading