Over one thousand MP graduates in Ukraine

The top executives from Ukraine, who participated in the MP in autumn 2015, celebrated a very special milestone: the group of 23 managers included the thousandth participant in the MP from Ukraine. A visit to the BMWi was therefore scheduled for the MP group to celebrate this milestone in German-Ukrainian business relations.

The Ukrainian executives first had to complete almost a month of training, company visits and individual business meetings upon arriving in Dresden, however. The programme imparted management knowledge and cooperation skills, offered diverse opportunities for a knowledge transfer of best practices from German SMEs, and invited participants to get involved in concrete business cooperations. The Ukrainian participants then used the newly-gained knowledge and experiences acquired during company visits as well as the methods and tools imparted by the trainers in the group work.

German SMEs expressed a high degree of interest in establishing contact with the group, which represents a country and market that recently opened up to the European Union – in particular through the EU Association Agreement and the granting of duty-free access to the EU market. During a cooperation exchange, countless German companies in addition to representatives from the Saxon state parliament took advantage of the opportunity to establish contact with the Ukrainian executives and to discuss countless opportunities for cooperation.
The group then visited the BMWi in Berlin with countless new impressions, expertise and a number of contracts already in the bag. During the reception, Alla Struchayeva, who is the managing director of an IT company based in Kharkiv, was honoured as the thousandth Ukrainian MP participant. The other participants also presented countless concrete cooperation projects with German companies and shared details of the restructuring measures planned for their own companies.

As long as the economic situation remains “favourable”, business relations with Ukrainian companies offer considerable opportunities for German businesses and especially SMEs. Indeed, in the wake of the further training in Germany, this MP group has already been or is due to get involved in over 60 cooperations in the fields of export and import worth millions of euros. Within this, it is particularly pleasing that the MP not only forges economic bridges but also cultural ones – and in the case of Ukraine, benefits a country currently facing significant domestic political upheaval.

By Roman Bannack
ARGE Konsortium Neue Bundesländer, Dresden