Networking in the Cologner way

B2B and matchmaking events are an established part of the MP. The participants from Ukraine also took part in such an event by joining a Cologne Business Club networking dinner on 30 June 2016. In the traditional brewery “Zur Malzmühle” the Ukrainian executives met ten company representatives from the Business Club and also learned about Cologne’s beer-brewing culture. Over a cool glasses of Kölsch (Cologne’s hallmark brew) and tasty “Cologne Tapas” they talked with German entrepreneurs from the logistics, food & beverage, health management and engineering industries.

Svetlana Bayer, a representative of the logistics firm GTM Solution, which is specialized in transport to Eastern Europe, was pleased about the special interest generated there. Yaroslav Bilyk from the company TRIZ Ltd., for example, appreciated this encounter, because his firm purchases metal processing machines in Germany, but was then faced with the challenge of transporting them to Ukraine: “At the start of this year we already bought one CNC machine in Germany. It took months to have all the papers ready. Because the manufacturer does not supply the logistics, we were left to our own devices to find a transport firm. After a few false leads which costed us penalties from the manufacturer for each day, the machine arrived at our company five months later. So I was especially glad to meet Ms Bayer from GTM Solution here today.”


Christian Kerner, the executive director of the Business Club, was satisfied with how the evening went and pleased about the resulting synergies: “The Cologne Business Club was very happy to host the participants from Ukraine. We had very constructive and frank conversations with the Ukrainian executives. We also identified points of contact for later cooperating and establishing business relationships. So we hope that the business ties between our Cologne firms and the Ukrainian companies will continue to grow. We at the Cologne Business Club are checking to see how we can pursue business relations there and will possibly be planning a visit there as well.”

By Rimma Kadyrbayeva

TÜV Rheinland Academy, Cologne