More light for our life

In autumn 2017, the MP participants from Egypt, India, Mexico, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine und Uzbekistan with a focus on Energy Efficiency in Industrial Enterprises visited the company Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG in Villingen-Schwenningen. The overall goal of the group company visit was to get insights into the strategies of product and quality management, and get acquainted with the methods of human resources management employed in the company. Waldmann, “Engineer of Light”, manages to fully live up to its slogan. Apart from offering highly innovative engineering solutions in the area of luminaires for various industrial, office, health and care applications, the company relies on the basic principle “light is a prerequisite for life”. Waldmann’s social responsibility is noteworthy. The company supports projects in education and science, culture and sports in their home region.

Waldmann is proud to say that they do their utmost to achieve high energy efficiency not only by using the latest LED technology in their luminaires, but also during production, and by limiting the use of harmful substances wherever possible, and by putting an emphasis on recycling. One of the primary interests during the company visit concerned the company’s energy efficiency solutions. Having learnt about these solutions, the managers were able to draw a conclusion that energy efficiency is the pivot of Waldmann’s philosophy, primary concerns and actions. The company has three cogeneration units, photovoltaic modules and produces about 30 per cent of its energy needs. There is a heat recovery unit installed at the paint shop, which guarantees that 80 per cent of the heat will be recycled and returned. When it comes to the workshop, the light intensity at lunch time is decreased, and many parts of the building have motion sensors: lights will turn on only if there is a need for that.

While making the tour of the workshop, the managers noticed postboxes located at every major working hub of the production hall. These boxes are part of the “WaldmannVorschlagsWesen” System (= Waldmann Suggestion System) for collecting the employees’ ideas and improvement suggestions. Such suggestions are evaluated, and based on the economic/saving potential of an idea, prizes are awarded.

The managers were able to get first-hand experience of the lighting solutions specially produced by the company for the care of senior citizens. This lighting concept is based on the fact that human visual capabilities decrease significantly with age, and thus elderly people often have to cope with the effects of poor lighting. For example, sensitivity to glare is increased in the elderly. Waldmann’s age-oriented lighting with a high quality of light avoids mirroring, light reflection and contrasts between dark and light. Light for the elderly increases well-being, adds to preventing falls, facilitates perception and orientation, and structures the daily routines via daylight tracking (biologically effective lighting with Visual Timing Light offered by Waldmann).

One of Waldmann’s top priorities is to take care of their employees not only at work, but to support them beyond their working environment. Thus, family Waldmann has built a day-care centre for 65 children between 6 months and 6 years as well as for 15 primary school aged children. That is how the company wants to improve work-life balance especially for families with children.

By Maria Lazareva

Exportakademie Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen