Minodora Rucan – Home construction in Chişinău booms with help from Germany

Affordable housing in the Moldovan capital of Chişinău has been in high demand for many years, a reality from which Minodora Rucan and her Ecosem Group have benefited.
That the Moldovan construction company’s future prospects remain good are not least due to the innovative financing concepts of company owner, Minodora Rucan. Thanks to multi-level financing plans and down payments from new homeowners, the company is able to continue launching new building projects without taking out loans.

In Germany, Rucan primarily wanted to learn more about the work processes in the German building industry. During several company visits, she observed how construction machinery and workmen were organised on a large building site. The qualified economist also picked up a tip or two about quality management: “We must introduce a quality assurance system to better position our products on the Moldovan market and enhance our service. In the long term, we strive for ISO certification.” Help in the field of quality management also came from a German senior expert, who visited the Moldovan company in October 2009. She is planning another visit to Chişinău this year.

The Ecosem Group has worked with German technology – including cement mixers, diggers and construction machinery – for several years now. So Rucan used her time in Germany to witness the use of the technology on a real-life building site. She was more than satisfied with the insights she gained: “I received really good advice. Now I know how to make optimal use of the technology.”

After her return to Chişinău, the manager set the course for further growth, dividing Ecosem into three divisions: a construction company, a real estate agency and a department dedicated to the sale of company-made porous rock. Administration and controlling were facilitated as a consequence. In 2010 a fourth division was added. It is responsible for the construction and refurbishment of water supplies and canalisation and the installation of autonomous gas heating systems for multi-family houses. The company’s good reputation has allowed the Ecosem Group to win 30% of all of the capital city’s municipal contracts.

Rucan advises future participants: “Pay close attention and record everything you are shown, for you never know what you might need at home. Sometimes a mere trifle can have a huge impact.”

Name: Minodora Rucan
Company: Ecosem Group SRL, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova
Sector: Civil engineering
Position: Owner and CFO
Training in Germany: 7 June – 4 July 2009
Training centre: COGNOS International, Hamburg