Ly Hoang Thu – Success with new management approach and corporate culture

“The Manager Training Programme in Germany exceeded my expectations”, says Ly Hoang Thu. He didn’t only learn about know-how and management concepts, but through his company visits, he also had the chance to experience German business culture.

Thu was glad of the opportunity to step outside his normal environment and rethink long-standing practices and structures. After his stay in Germany he came to the conclusion that it is essential to “improve constantly.” For him that means aiming higher, and acting more professionally in order to better manage his time.

Thu’s company, the Hanoi Leather & Shoes Investment Import Export JSC, produces various kinds of shoes, and trades with chemical products and investment goods such as machinery and equipment. Ninety percent of the company’s products are destined for export, in particular to Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Thu plans to use his contacts from the Manager Training Programme in the near future. “Hopefully we will soon be able to launch our new product – safety shoes – on the German market,” he says, adding that the long-term prospects are promising. “After we manage to export the new shoes to Germany, we will be able to sell them on all European markets.”

Before his stay in Germany Thu had been sales manager and was responsible for a department with six employees. But just one year after the Manager Training Programme he became Deputy General Director of Hanoi Leather & Shoes. “Obviously many factors play a role in promotions,” says Thu. “But I do think that my training in Germany played the decisive one in mine.” His colleagues and his superiors had noticed his professional growth and development.

But Thu is not the only one benefiting from his new management approach. “We now have a different corporate culture,” he says, explaining that more time is invested in researching suitable management methods. Additionally his company has introduced a training programme to provide employees with knowledge of EU quality standards, as well as environmental and social accountability standards. Thu is convinced: “With my new approach and skills I can contribute to the success of my company as well as to Vietnamese society as a whole.”

Name: Ly Hoang Thu
Company: Hanoi Leather and Shoes Investment Import Export JSC., Hanoi, Vietnam
Industry sector: Leather goods
Position: Deputy General Director
Training in Germany: 01st – 30thNovember 2008
Training centre: Cognos international, Hamburg