Looking for a niche market

In mid-September 2015, twenty Russian executives set out for Bremen with clear goals and objectives. Each of them came to Germany with a collaboration idea up their sleeve. Many of these ideas were aimed at niche markets with few specialist suppliers. These can be exemplified by drive systems for conveyor belts, microwave technology for drying wood, tire balancing equipment for car repair shops or a complete redesign of a wellness center. In order to succeed with such niche interests in a short time, the Russian executives identified prospective partners before their arrival in Germany and contacted them with technical questions.

For other participants, it was more important to get a broader overview of the German market. With this aim in view, they went to trade fairs and exhibitions many of which are held in September and October. The exhibition themes ranged from label printing, digital publishing to energy-efficient construction or, for example, operation of multi-storey car parks. Among MP participants, those engaged in the construction engineering were particularly active: they were interested in learning new technology applications and discovered lots of useful ideas for their home companies.

Besides business contacts, a strong priority was placed on technical expertise and innovative management approaches, e.g. Six Sigma for quality management. For their journey back home in mid-October, each participant developed a task package for the further implementation of their respective collaboration ideas. These include improvements in quality management, delivery of product samples, clarification of logistical issues, securing the financing and extending the product range with new German products.

By Martin Uhl
Machwürth Team International, Visselhövede