Logistics and innovative photovoltaics for Eastern Europe

Executives from Ukraine and Belarus visited the LOXX Group as part of the Manager Training Programme. The logistics group founded in the late 1970s has experienced rapid growth since 2000, with a more than 300 per cent in its workforce from 140 to 500 employees across Europe. The company’s expansion is particularly due to the opening up of Eastern Europe. Beside standard deliveries, the logistics specialist also transports dangerous goods and heavy loads. LOXX even delivers small shipments, so-called part loads, to Siberia. This unique selling point gives the company a clear edge over its competitors: very few logistics companies are able to handle such orders.

The visitors were received by the key account manager for Eastern Europe and the managing directors of LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH and LOXX Logistics GmbH, all of whom are very interested in acquiring new customers. MP participants, who already import to Europe or intend to do so in the future, asked a great many questions during the visit. An impressive presentation helped familiarise the Eastern European executives with the transport process. Several participants are planning to acquire machines in Germany and ship these to Ukraine as part of their cooperation projects. The bulky goods literally present a huge challenge for the logistics specialists that should by no means be underestimated. A series of images were shown during the presentation to illustrate just how huge these challenges can be. One solution is to take advantage of the network of large and small local freight forwarders that the LOXX Group cooperates with.

The presentation was followed by a visit to the warehouse. The MP participants were particularly impressed with the internal logistics and organisation within the warehouse from which shipments for almost all European countries are dispatched. The modern and space-saving storage was of particular interest to the representatives from wholesalers and manufacturing companies.

The visit to the German logistics company proved a resounding success overall: all Ukrainian and Belarusian entrepreneurs in need of transport services have requested a quote from LOXX Logistics. The company visit therefore not only provided interesting insights into international logistics, but will in all likelihood also yield new orders for the German company.

The visit to Multicon Solar GmbH & Co. KG also opened up new opportunities for a number of MP participants. Multicon Solar has been offering photovoltaic solutions for some ten years now. Around five years ago, the discontinuation of government subsidies and general crisis in the solar industry led to a sharp drop in the company turnover. In light of this decline, the solar manufacturer had to reposition itself and so resolved to specialise in mobile solar power generators. Development of the company’s latest product also began during this time: the Multicon solar container. The solar container generates solar energy, is easy to set up and can be used in the most varied of industries. It has since become the most innovative product Multicon Solar offers, and clearly sets the company apart from the competition. Major buyers include the military in addition to telecommunications and energy companies.

Multicon Solar also presented innovative financing options, such as crowdfunding, during the company visit. Even small-scale investors are able to get involved in financing such projects (mostly with investments of as little as 100 euros). The German company is currently using this financing option mainly for projects in Africa. Even the crisis-ridden Ukrainian market stands to benefit though. For small-scale investors, the focus is often less on achieving a return on their investment and more on the project’s purpose. Which is why this model may be of interest to innovative Ukrainian companies. Preliminary individual discussions with the MP participants already took place during the tour through the company. Several subsequently announced their intention to make contact with Multicon Solar and to review the feasibility of a cooperation.

By Jens Naussed
trAIDe GmbH, Cologne