Learning from the World Champion

During the World Cup, 20 Russian executives from the middle and upper management levels visited the Hanseatic City of Bremen. Purchasing industrial machinery and services in the field of infrastructure were at the top of their wish list. No less pronounced was their desire to learn how to develop efficient business clusters. Their visit to the Walsrode Industrial Estate was helpful in this regard.

Conveniently situated between Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen, the Walsrode Industrial Estate is a great base for markets in Northern Germany as well as Northern and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the park offers more than 20 small and medium-sized companies, with about 1,900 employees, a place where streamlined logistics and modern infrastructure create favourable working and networking conditions. Whether manufacturers, logistics experts or service providers, mechanical engineering, chemistry or IT – several highly specialised companies of various sizes and from various industries cooperate with each other here in many different ways. How this works, and how they could implement this model in their own country – these questions were of particular significance to the Russian guests.

The functional clustering of companies is currently an extremely important topic in Russia, as developing industrial clusters is seen as key to Russia’s development from a supplier of raw materials to a high-tech industrial nation. There is also great potential for cooperation in this area because German experience in developing complex infrastructures is in great demand in Russia. Several Russian guests even began concrete negotiations with consulting firms during their trip to Germany. These include plans for a concrete motorway and the development of an industrial estate for the new harbour in St. Petersburg. German consulting firms are to provide technical support on these projects. The first partly concrete steps towards cooperation have already been put in place.

By Martin Uhl
Machwürth Team International, Visselhövede