Juri Smirnov, Andrei Romanjuk – New fields of activity for Belarusian advertising professionals

As the managing director and owner of his small advertising agency, Belorg S, Juri Smirnov is responsible for almost everything from the financial planning to the fitting of door locks. Six years ago, the trained marketing specialist took over the family business and expanded it further. In addition to standard services such as the creation of logos and print products, his company also offers customers multimedia and outdoor advertising solutions.

Despite his hectic work schedule, the entrepreneur took the time to participate in further training in Germany: “I wanted to develop my management skills and familiarise myself with the work practises of German companies,” he recalls.

On his company visits Smirnov was so taken with the precise time planning and exact distribution of duties, that he used them as stimuli for change within his own organisation. He redefined his employees’ duties, reallocated the fields of responsibility and introduced daily schedules and regular reporting.

These changes were by no means the only outcomes of his stay. He and fellow programme participant, Andrej Romanjuk, discovered a new field of activity in Germany: co-operation in advertising displays. During his time in Germany, Romanjuk, co-owner of software business Flemart, got to know a company specialising in software for displays among other things. After an intensive six-month negotiation phase with meetings in Minsk and Berlin, the German-Belarusian joint venture Confire Media was established in Minsk.

The first order came from the Belarusian department of commerce, which requested an advertising panel for its campaign to support domestic manufacturers. Smirnow filled it with moving images. Smirnow and Romanjuk wish to continue offering their services together in the future: Confire Media supplies the software; Belorg S is responsible for the design and maintenance of the content. And this is just the beginning, as the partners already have Russian and Ukrainian markets in sight for 2011.

Name: Juri Smirnov
Company: Belorg S advertising and publishing agency, Minsk, Belarus
Sector: Advertising industry
Position: Managing Director and owner
Training in Germany: 2 June – 1 July 2009
Training centre: Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel

Name: Andrei Romanjuk
Company: Flemart GmbH, Minsk, Belarus
Sector: Software
Position: Director and co-owner
Training in Germany: 2 June 2009 – 1 July 2009
Training centre: Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel