Intelligent German-Chinese street lamps

Li Jun is the managing director of Jinxi New Energy Co., Ltd. The company specializes in renewable energies, and sells and rents electric cars and charging stations. It is also involved in the planning of new projects ranging from “Smart City” and parking systems to transportation solutions. A million-euro project is planned with the local government to promote electric cars and the associated energy systems.

Li is especially interested in intelligent street lamps. These lamps feature LED lighting, a charging station for electric cars, video surveillance, free Wi-Fi service, measuring devices and a LED monitor, which could be used for advertising, for example. Li is already working closely with another firm in China that manufactures these kinds of intelligent street lamps. They have already been installed in a few cities. But Li needs even more street lamps with additional functions because the local government has planned a very large project with a big budget.

He had planned to find a partner in Germany who would be able to develop and produce such street lamps for or together with him. There are very few companies working on this kind of product, however. One of them is GmbH, which was founded in 2014 and specializes in the design, manufacture and implementation of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Artur Sychov, the managing director of, has met with Li a total of three times. He gave him detailed presentations of the products Streetlight Charger and Leviamp. The Streetlight Charger is a charging station that can be mounted on a street lamp. Leviamp is a comprehensive charging station with an integrated lamp, projector and Wi-Fi station that immediately caught Li’s attention. The two managers drove to the Tesla store in Düsseldorf together to look at how the products can be put to practical use.

At their third meeting Sychov and Li discussed concrete plans for collaboration. will send samples of both products to China, and then an order will be negotiated. Sychov will travel to China as soon as possible to visit Li. The two entrepreneurs have already discussed starting a joint venture and will work out the next steps leading to a signed contract during Sychoy’s visit.

By Johanna Lange

Carl Duisberg Centres, Cologne