Igor Sinkin – Innovative high technology from Siberia offered

Igor Sinkin is the Managing Director of SibTotschMasch, the Siberian centre for precision mechanical engineering and construction. The Omsk-based hi-tech company manufactures customised dies, prototypes and construction components in small series for the scientific, mechanical engineering and medical industries. In addition to conventional materials such as ceramic and metal, the company increasingly offers its services in the field of innovative materials such as nanoceramics.

SibTotschMasch’s top quality products have won multiple awards, including second place in the BMWi’s 2007 innovation competition. Thanks to his international training and equipment, Sinkin has created decisive business advantages on the Siberian market.

“We have highly-qualified specialists and can barely manage to implement all our innovative ideas. In 2010 alone, we received four patents for joint prostheses,” Sinkin says. “However, we lack the facilities, and as a result of the economic crisis also the financial means, for further development.”

Following his training in Germany, he was able to acquire equipment from German companies. He is currently planning the purchase of a laser sinter system from a Bavarian company, in order to create affordable components directly from electronic data.

“The management training in Germany taught me to formulate my company’s aims more precisely, and I now find it easier to make the right strategic decisions. Last but not least, thanks to the new machines, we now manufacture two to three times faster – and for half the price. This means that medium-sized companies can now also afford our services.”

Name: Igor Sinkin
Company: SibTotschMasch GmbH, Omsk, Russia
Sector: Mechanical engineering, supplies
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 22 February – 23 March, 2005
Training centre: Bildungszentrum am Müggelsee, Berlin