How to Boost your Business through Online Presence

A professional online presence can boost your business significantly. This can include a well-structured website, producing audio-visual content for YouTube and networking on LinkedIn, among other things.

This was the key message that Sharon Crost emphasised during the seminar session “Boosting your business through the online presence”. During her seminar, the alumni of the Manager Training Programme (MP) learned how to increase their visibility online and thereby build a sustainable business reputation – “even while sleeping, because the web never sleeps”, emphasised Crost, who is an Affiliate Professor with Grenoble Ecole de Management.

The strategic online opportunities can be devided into four sectors: Earned, owned, paid and partner.

Ahmad Javanmardi from the Iranian partner organisation ISIPO also participated in the seminar and later concluded that he received many new tips. The MP alumni agreed with him: “The points given in this seminar were very good and useful. Especially the technics to use in LinkedIn to boost our business with them”, said Gholam Hossein Mazarei. And Vahid Majdi added: “I learned more about the power of LinkedIn. I will try to change my strategy to use online marketing more than before.”

Series of online seminars

The professional online-seminar series for MP alumni encompasses three seminar topics which are composed of three seminars each: 1. Global Value Chains; 2. Boosting your business through the online presence; and 3. Marketing and Sales in three Branches – Agricultural, Beauty & Wellness, Architecture. All three online courses were especially designed to provide alumni of the Programme with skills for strengthening their businesses and support them in their cooperation with German companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sharon Crost shared these key tips in order to build a professional online and business reputation.