Hidden Champion Thanks to Specialisation and Service

The Turkmen MP group visited the German hidden champion Dinse GmbH. There they learned how to operate successfully worldwide, despite low personnel costs, and why good service is so important for SMEs.

“This welder is the result of the German vocational training system – he could write with this welding machine! You could see how deep this training goes and how qualified people are as a result of it.” Agamyrat Bayramov was deeply impressed by the skills of the employees of Dinse GmbH in Hamburg and Norderstedt. He is a participant of a Turkmen Manager Training Programme (MP) group which has completed the four-week training in Germany.
Dinse GmbH is a medium-sized, owner-managed enterprise. With approximately 200 employees, the company produces and distributes welding technology for both manual applications and automated production lines, such as the automotive industry. In addition to the “home market” Europe, the welding equipment is also distributed in North America, Asia and Africa. Dinse GmbH is a classic example of German SMEs. The Turkmen executives were therefore able to gain many insights, which can also be transferred to other German medium-sized enterprises.

The most important points were identified by the participants in a module on knowledge transfer:

  • International orientation: Dinse GmbH is very export oriented. Although the company has relatively few employees, it sells the products on four continents. The USA, Europe and China are the most important sales markets. This level of internationalisation with low staffing costs is achieved through a high degree of specialisation. This makes the German hidden champions so successful internationally.
  • After-Sales Service: High product quality is standard in Germany and many other markets. It is the technical service which makes the difference. If businesses do not offer after-sales service, customers will not feel confident about the product and the manufacturer in the long-term. That is why Dinse GmbH only serves markets where they can offer a high-quality after-sales service. Where this is not possible, they prefer to forgo the short-term business opportunities.
  • The corporate culture: The managing directors have a very close relationship with the enterprise, and this is transferred to the employees. The company does a lot to retain all of its employees and that can be felt in the atmosphere there. Employees from different hierarchical levels work closely together and the workplaces are designed in such a way that there are many possibilities for communication.

On the whole, the visit to Dinse GmbH left a positive impression on the executives from Turkmenistan and helped the participants to understand medium-sized enterprises in Germany and their recipe for success.

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