Growth through Improved Motivation

Anna Grigorjeva, Managing Director of the family-run Spezialsystem company in Belarus, was looking to better her management skills through training. In 2011 she participated in the BMWi Manager Training Programme.

Vitebsk. The “Spezialsystem” research and production centre in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk works in the development, production and implementation of measuring systems. These monitor gas, water or heat consumption for industry, electricity producers, municipalities and agriculture. The family firm was founded in 1992, is now one of the oldest private companies in Belarus and employs 35 people. In 2003 Anna Grigorjeva joined her parents’ firm as Marketing Director before becoming Managing Director in February 2014.

While training in Germany, the young entrepreneur wanted to expand her knowledge of management and gather ideas to drive the future development of “Spezialsystem”. She was particularly interested in innovative management methods, marketing instruments, budgeting and modern production processes. On company visits and during the management seminars, Grigorjeva learned how to streamline her company’s the cumbersome organisational structure. Today the firm is structured more logically; processes can be controlled better making them more dynamic. The entrepreneur also implemented some restructuring while introducing a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. She clarified duties and areas of responsibility for individual employees, simplifying traceability. The introduction of CRM software for customer relations management made the firm more transparent and efficient – and promptly doubled turnover from 2011 to mid-2013. Additional innovations: employees share the profits generated by the company’s success, which can amount to an entire month’s salary. This has also promoted growth and brought recognition. In 2012 the Vitebsk city government honoured “Spezialsystem” for their good working conditions and team spirit as “best employer in Vitebsk” in the small company category.

Grigorjeva is an active member of the “Association of Employers and Entrepreneurs” and the chairman of its “Club of Young Entrepreneurs”. With other club members she has already organised six meetings with students from Vitebsk universities where the young chief executives talked to the students about their practical experience as entrepreneurs.

As an alumnus of the Manager Training Programme, Grigorjeva maintains many important contacts to MP graduates in other countries: “During the programme I made some really good friends who share my ideas and interests. Informal exchange is sometimes just as fruitful as the seminars. And at the most recent alumni meeting in Alma-Ata, I even found a Kazakh business partner.”