Green Chilean Business in Germany

Sustainability, climate protection and environmental technology are the core business areas of 16 managers from Chile. Through the MP, they came closer to achieving their business goal of also gaining a foothold in the German market.

The numerous site visits to enterprises involved in green technologies during the training in Germany were particularly valuable for the executives. CDM Smith in Nuremburg was one of these enterprises. The engineering firm with a focus on sustainable solutions presented its internationalisation strategy and its cur rent projects in Chile. “I am convinced that further bilateral contacts and joint projects will emerge in the coming weeks. The discussions during the visit laid the foundation for them. Furthermore, we hope that cooperation between the MP participants and our office in Chile will come about in the future”, said Benjamin Bartsch, a member of the senior management team and Head of Business Development Europe at CDM Smith.

At Züblin Umwelttechnik GmbH in Ingolstadt, the group learnt more about the firm’s internationalisation strategy.

At HPC AG in the Swabian town of Harburg, the group gained an insight into the firm’s environmental projects and quality management standards. The enterprise has been active in the environmental field since 1948 and founded INOGEN, the first and so far only international network for environmental consultancy firms, which is also represented by a partner in Chile. Recycling, environmental consultation and infrastructure planning are among the main business segments. Branch manager Christian Blothe welcomed the Chilean managers’ visit. “We know that an exchange can only be successful if it takes place in both directions. Even though we are not yet represented in the Chilean market, we were glad to talk about our projects and HPC’s quality management”, Blothe explained.

Following a two-week intensive work programme in Nuremburg, the group commenced their training sessions and site visits in Stuttgart. The visit to Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG, a planning and consultancy firm for public and private infrastructure service providers with a focus on supply and disposal management, is worth particular mention. The Chilean guests received an overview of Fichtner’s global activities and how the firm’s business process management is implemented and optimised. Promising business potential also became evident during the Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Congress Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. The congress gave the Chilean entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain information about current trends and challenges and to establish direct business contacts.

All in all, the Chilean MP participants gained valuable insights into the German environmental technology sector during their stay in Germany. And the German industry representatives included in the Programme benefited likewise from new market knowledge and direct access to Chilean decision makers.

Photo: © ICUnet