Govcher Agayeva – Modern company management for the family business leads to an increase in sales

Govcher Agayeva works in a structured, efficient manner. Every day, she drives to the three sales outlets of her company, Turkmen Flora Design, located in the centre of Ashgabat to confirm for herself that her work schedules are being adhered to.

Agayeva worked as an accountant for many years before deciding to take over her parents’ florist business in 2002. She decided to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme to improve her personnel and customer management skills and to meet potential trade partners.

“My management training in Germany enabled me to increase employee satisfaction and enhance efficiency and curb fluctuation,” the young businesswoman says. She also worked on the company’s image, by having a logo and a homepage designed, and introducing staff uniforms.

Through the restructuring and modernisation of her company, she has successfully increased productivity by 20 per cent and tripled the turnover. Establishment of a national chain is planned following the imminent opening of a further shop with a sales area of 150 m².

Agayeva is also planning to grow her own flowers and plants instead of relying on costly imports from Europe. She recently submitted a business plan for this, and should it be approved by the bank, she will receive a state-subsidised loan and be allocated a plot of land. She will then insist on German quality for the bulbs for her greenhouses.

She has already identified a potential partner, which she met during her training. With her new business area, the dedicated businesswoman could secure herself a decisive competitive advantage, as she would capture a market niche in Turkmenistan.

Name: Govcher Agayeva
Company: Turkmen Flora Design, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Sector: Flower and plant retail
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 7 November – 6 December, 2009
Training centre: Bildungszentrum am Müggelsee, Berlin