Girl Power with Heart

The Mongolian group of executives from the upper and middle management levels made a somewhat unusual target group of 15 women. No wonder, then, that the experiences of German entrepreneurs like Michaela Schenk of Mawa were of particular interest to them.

We all know, we all own, clothes hangers. Some are made of wood, of metal or of plastic – most are made in China, but not always. Michaela Schenk made the clothes hanger firm Mawa from Pfaffenhofen/Ilm lucrative once again, when the longstanding traditional company was forced to file for insolvency six years ago. Schenk focused on the essentials: she developed the clothes hanger as a visible brand, counted on personal contacts with customers around the world and motivated her employees with a new, sensitive but straight-forward leadership strategy.

The open approach of the German entrepreneur inspired her guests. She told them how difficult it was for her to even remove one clothes hanger shade from the range. She was looking for more innovation and overcame opposition in her own ranks. Suddenly, the Sweetheart hanger appeared in production. This heart-shaped hanger makes any accessories like scarves, belts or jewellery look more beautiful while it makes the customers’ hearts beat faster at the same time. It also saves space and sports an anti-slip coat. So it’s the new hit in the Mawa SHE line.

As a real-life example of successful leadership and assertiveness among women in leadership, Schenk made a particularly strong impression on the MP participants: “Mrs Schenk is a great lady! She is a very enthusiastic and passionate leader. How she presented her factory to us and how she is leading the company was just so amazing. Very much inspired and energized.” Finally, Schenk gave everyone an important tip: “If you really want to do something, then do it, just give it a go!” and the managers from Mongolia will also take this to heart.

By Katharina Bömers
Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Munich