Gautam Gosh – Solar energy for India prevails

Two key factors motivated Gautam Ghosh’s decision to apply for the Manager Training Programme: “I wanted to learn the latest management techniques and to do so in Germany because it is one of the leading countries in the renewable energies sector,” the executive director of Klystron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. says.

His company is important for the planning and construction of electrical equipment in East India, and as such, one of his tasks is to identify new developments in the field and to assess their potential for his business.

Interest in solar energy, and particularly in rooftop photovoltaic systems, is growing in India. Recognising this potential, Ghosh began contacting German companies in the solar technology industry while participating in the Manager Training Programme. Preliminary talks proved successful, and he is currently negotiating the establishment of a joint venture with a leading German company in this field.

Ghosh’s plans for the future include the manufacture of various products necessary for solar energy generation in India, and their subsequent export to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka. The many business contacts, both German and Indian, he made through the Manager Training Programme will help him to achieve this goal. As a founding member of the Indo-German Business Development Association, the Indian programme’s alumni organisation, Ghosh wishes to further develop this network of useful contacts.

He believes the greatest benefit he derived from the training was to learn to work in a more disciplined and structured way. He also implemented some changes to his company, specifically by reorganising internal procedures: “We are now better organised, and this has resulted in higher output and less wastage – of both time and money.” Customers have also noticed this development.

Ghosh unequivocally recommends the Manager Training Programme and thinks it especially suitable for managers of small and medium-sized enterprises: “It’s extremely good experience to gain a new perspective and outlook. Managers in smaller companies rarely have this opportunity. They should seize this one – it will further them personally and in their future business life.”

Name: Gautam Ghosh
Company: Klystron Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, India
Sector: Energy
Position: Executive Director
Training in Germany: 10 October – 8 November, 2009
Training centre: Cognos international, Hamburg