EuroBLECH and the apple harvest

The sheet metal industry once again met up for its largest trade fair world wide – EuroBLECH – which was held from 25 to 29 October 2016 in Hanover. Among more than 60,000 visitors was a group of 19 young Russian and Belarusian executives who came to Celle for the MP training at DMAN. Around 1,600 exhibitors from 40 countries presented a comprehensive overview of sheet metal working technology in 8 exhibition halls, offering an impressive bandwidth of live demonstrations for current trends, state-of-the-art machines, tools and systems, which also impressed the specialists among the DMAN group. In particular Ruslan Taskulin, an expert for welding electrodes and equipment from Tyumen, and Evgeniy Dubskiy, whose company in Kemerovo produces metal constructions for the building industry, used the opportunity to look for intelligent solutions and production machinery for their home companies. They talked to a large number of exhibitors and were thus able to reach out to many promising business partners. However, not only specialists were impressed by the trade fair with its highly varied offerings and opportunities. The world’s largest exhibition site once again lived up to its name as an event location for leading international specialist trade fairs. Visitors could easily see that Hanover offers highly efficient, ultra-modern and excellently equipped infrastructure – not only for industrial showcases. Nadezhda Konshina, managing director with an IT company in Chelyabinsk, summed up: “Before visiting this trade fair in Hanover, organised by Deutsche Messe AG, I had a rather vague idea of exhibitions. However, my visit to EuroBLECH, and in particular the on-site seminar on trade fair management and marketing have completely changed my opinion. I think that our company absolutely has to participate in CeBIT 2017.” Olesia Fedina, director of a Tomsk-based wholesale and retail company for medical supplies, is also no longer ruling out her company’s participation at the right trade fairs.

The group was also impressed by the visit to Altländer Obsthof in Hollern-Twielenfleth. This orchard has been family-owned since 1756. The Beckmann family is now totally committed to running this state-of-the-art operation. It has a broad base and is also excellently equipped for the future. The company grows and processes apples and other fruits, selling the produce in the orchard’s shop. It also offers attractive holiday apartments, speciality foods in line with the seasons and exciting holiday opportunities – attracting a large number of tourists all year long. Nikolay Sasin, a managing director with a young horticultural cooperative in North Caucasus, was greatly impressed: “German companies are different – they have long-standing traditions and a strong line of family succession. Altländer Obsthof is a perfect example of this. This company has been family-run for nine generations! That should also be our objective.”

Dr. Ronald Pschierer
Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen, Celle